We are a learning company that builds human capabilities aimed at disrupting markets, businesses and careers.

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Let’s face it. The world is in a state of disruption. To deal with the challenges ahead, we need creativity and originality, new visions and ideals, and the passionate people who make them happen. We need game-changers. 

Wonder Academy is a new kind of professional learning company. We offer transformational learning experiences aimed at equipping people and organisations with the skills, motivation and confidence to create positive change. 

Our courses are highly experiential in nature, we use real-world cases and instructors in ways that motivate people to learn new skills quickly and confidently.

We believe in the human power to create, the idea that everyone has the potential to create positive change, for themselves, for business and even the world.

“The more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges” Sir Ken Robinson
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