The relationship is the curriculum.

In our infant rooms, we value the relationship between baby and caregiver as the most important aspect of care.

We offer highly individualized care for each baby entrusted to us. We follow their natural rhythms of feeding, sleeping and exploring.

We support all types of feeding and are able to store both formula and breast milk. As your little one develops and starts solids, we follow your lead on what, when and how much to offer.

When they are ready, we are happy to provide their meals. In addition to lunch, an afternoon and morning snack are included in the tuition rates.


6 wks - 12mo as of June

5 Days

3 Days (MWF)

2 Days (TR)

Infancy is vulnerable stage of development, therefore, it’s not enough that babies receive good care, the care must be excellent.
— Magda Gerber

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