The 411

We serve families with children aged 6 weeks-6 years year-round. We work on a school-year model that runs from the beginning of June to the end of May and have an annual enrollment every June. The children stay in their classroom for the entire school year as this promotes stronger attachment to their caregivers. We also use a cohort enrollment system based on your child’s birthday and kindergarten year. This means that children move together through their classrooms which allows for strong social connections throughout their time at The Wonder Academy.

Starting June 2019, we started Primary Caregiving which means each child is assigned a primary and Secondary caregiver. In our younger classrooms, that means all caregiving activities (feeding, sleeping & diapering) is done by their Primary Caregiver if they are in the room. If they are not available, their Secondary Caregiver (the co-teacher in the room) provides that care. In our older classrooms, this morphs into small group care and care during meal and toilet time. Primary Caregiving has a plethora of research behind it demonstrating how it provides your child with a secure attachment figure at school. Having a secure attachment means your child is more free to explore their environment and social/emotional development that is the hallmark of this time period in their lives.

Our hours are Monday-Friday from 7am-6:30pm.

We have meal options that you can select. We are a strict nut-free facility and are able to accommodate other allergies as well.

Our community is important to us and we celebrate with our families with events throughout the year.

We offer various optional enrichment activities through our partner, Hero Sports such as yoga, gymnastics and soccer.